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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cloaked in Aquarius

Art work by Susan Seddon Boulet
A vibrational sound healer walked into the office yesterday.  She came to put some flyers on the bulletin board and stayed to chat for awhile.  She was my gift of the day.

My birthday is fast approaching and for the past several years I have gotten a tarot birthday spread from a wonderful "seeing" woman in Eugene.  I was wondering where I might find someone to do a reading for me this year and what type of reading that might be...tarot, astrology, psychic, etc.  My answer came through the door and spoke directly to me.

As usual, I am not sure what starts the conversation, what leads to specific doors being opened, how we end up in particular corridors, but this healer and I started talking and soon we were conversing in the symbolic language of Spirit.  We talked of the different ways we do readings for people.  I spoke of my divining cloth, she knows of Malidoma, and feels an affinity with the Kontomble.   We talked of the Celtic lands I love and know so well.  She asks if I have been to Tintagel, to Iona, upon the Glastonbury Tor.  Yes, yes, yes, I have!  She knows of Morgen Le Fey and I spread the message of the Nine Morgens.

And then we shared our astrological charts, our various houses, signs and planets.  I watch as her eyes make that subtle shift that I recognize.  It is the shift that lets me know she has changed channels and is now listening to a higher source, channeling messages to me.  She sees me surrounded with Aquarian energy.  I try to remember my natal astrology chart in more details, but no, that would not explain it, and my recollection of my upcoming solar return does not explain it either.  I try to rationally think this through, to make sense of it, but she sees what she sees and can only reconfirm that she can see nothing but Aquarius all around me.

I finally sink into it and allow the message to be revealed.  I understand where this Aquarian energy is coming from and I understand the timeliness of this message.  I see the "sight" of this message and can only compare it to one of Susan Seddon Boulet's paintings, seeing myself cloaked and surrounded.

The magic continues to walk through my door.

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