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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cable TV

I can't believe this, but after being on the road for over a year, someone has finally found my outside cable TV hook-up.  It's not that several people haven't looked, a few men insisted they could find it, it's just that it had an amazing hiding place that kept it out of view.  It has finally been found inside the electric cord compartment, tucked up high, but reachable.

What this means is that come college football bowl season, which starts on Saturday, I will have the capability to watch the games!!!!!!!!!  Not just a random few that I could get on my 10" tv if I had the antennae just right, one foot out the door, one finger up my nose, but I will be able to view ALL the games!  I am ecstatic and thinking this is one of the best early birthday gifts ever.  It even makes up for the early wake up call this morning as my new hero was routing around outside trying to get me hooked up.  YEA HURRAY!

Now, if I only didn't have to work so many of those nights when the games are playing.

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