The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holes In My Brain

The agreement was 55 hours per month.  This month I worked 67 hours.  Not happy.

They changed my schedule from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday which means I only had two days off and then was back to work on Monday.  Again, not happy, but other than quit not much I could do about it.

They have now marked on my schedule that I only work 55 hours, which was always the original agreement.

But even more than the hours, my brain seems to be changing.  I used to have a steel trap that could capture all the minutia needed to work in an office and hold all those numerous details until I could finally release them at the end of the day.  Now there are holes in my trap and I can completely space out entire segments of the day.  I have made mistakes, and some of them have been BIG ones.  I haven't been too busy or too stressed and I even have a check-off list for when I am closing.  No excuses other than I seem to be absent, off who knows where.

I really hope this doesn't mean I have to start looking for toilet cleaning jobs.


  1. Now I don' know if this really works or not but try smelling cinnamon I heard it works for memory. Can't hurt to try. I think you also need a quiet walk on the beach.
    Good Luck

  2. Maybe you don't want to be there.

  3. Well, m'dear, I just had to stop by, today. I've been saying, lately, that my mind just isn't as "elastic" as it used to be. Maybe some holes in it, too. Well, so we pay attention. See how it all plays out.

    I trust your mind, quite frankly. Remember, too, that, even though you know how to do this stuff, you are having to re-learn it, to some extent, in each new location.

    Life...whattaride! I miss your sweet all-ness! love, vic