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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fabulous May

It has been a rough couple of days with pounding wind and rain.  I knew the May we were having was too good to last.  But I am still completely happy with my new workamping job.

Top 10 reasons why this job is SO much better than the Hood:

1) On site manager
2) Hands-on manager
3) Over abundance of workampers
4) Small park
5) 14 hours a week vs. 20 hours at the Hood
6) I can walk to the beach
7) I can walk to a small grocery store and several restaurants
8) Out of the woods and into the SUN
9) Electric and wifi are free
10) People actually come to visit me here!

My son came for Mother's Day and Maria came to visit last week-end.  We had a blast visiting the Tiki Bar and the Roadhouse.
Maria with Margarita at Tiki Bar
Next Stop the Roadhouse
I am hoping for a few more visitors during my summer stint, but even if no one shows up, my first month has been wonderful.

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  1. Susan, I envy you! The Oregon coast is calling my name! Maybe I'll make it yet this year.