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Sunday, June 10, 2012


The month of May flew by and June seems to be moving just as quickly.  I work my three days a week and on the four days off I do all my chores and try to get to the ocean as much as possible.

 I love walking the beach and never seem to get enough.  I have a tide table but have never used it which means I am constantly surprised.  Surprised by the strength of the waves, the shoreline and what that shoreline has to offer.  My pockets are bulging by the time I return home because there are so many beach treasures that beckon and make me believe I can make jewelry from some of those finds. is such a love affair.

I also continue to have visitors.  Jan and Peter from the Hood dropped by for dinner one evening and Bri stopped by for coffee on his way to Vancouver.  I met Bri at the mini rally at City of Rocks, New Mexico and continue to enjoy his company and conversations. 

How Bri Does His Traveling
Just never know who is going to show up next!

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