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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ahhhhh....The Beach

Siletz Bay
Now that the rains have stopped and the days have been delightfully sunny, I have done some exploring around this new town that will be my home for the next several months.   I have also spent a few days walking the beach.
Where The Bay Meets The Ocean
The beach has been crowded with people also walking the beach, burning the driftwood that litters the beach, ocean fishing and a few brave souls braving the frigid waters.
A Pyromaniac's Delight
Ocean Fishing
Only The Young Would Brave These Waters
Today I walked to the Taft District ( past my favorite bar and then down the ocean way back to the RV park.

New Favorite Bar

Love The Outdoor Seating

I walk down hill to the Taft District and yesterday I walked back up the hill to the RV park.  It is a bit of a climb and it is on a very busy highway so today I thought I would walk back along the ocean.  It was very windy on the beach and the sand made for even more of a workout.  And then I came to this:
The only way up is to climb the 78 stairs.  But the view from the top is quite spectacular.
Tiny People In the Distance
This looks to be a very good workamping stint; only 55 hours per month, ocean within walking distance, good management and a full crew of fellow workampers. 

If the weather cooperates, it could be almost heaven.

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  1. I want the white house on the hill.
    You sure did get a great workamp job. I miss the ocean so much. I could just smell it looking at your pictures.