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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cheeseburger In Paradise

Hwy 101 Burger
I wanted a cheeseburger.  I checked Tiki's menu and yes, they do have hamburgers on their menu and since it is a beautiful day for sitting outside I make the trek down the hill to Tiki's.

NOOOOOO!!!  Although their regularly scheduled days of closure are Wednesday and Thursday on this particular Monday they are also closed.  It is late in the day and I haven't eaten anything and now I wonder where to find some food as quickly as possible before I turn into a growly bear.

I start walking towards Mo's ( which is famous along the Oregon coast but I just can't bring myself to walk into this very large restaurant that looks to be very busy and crowded.  Dang - where to go????

So I start walking back towards the highway hoping I will find something to my liking.  As I am walking I hear a young man behind me cruising on his skate board and I step to the side to allow him ample room to skate past me.  We share a "hello" and then as he pulls ahead of me he stops at a door.  He opens the door and says "you should come in here for a burger".  Huh???  I look inside the door and it is basically a room in the making of becoming some type of bar or restaurant.  I question what type of establishment this is and he tells me this is the VIP entrance.  OK, I decide to follow along.

I come in through the back way and arrive at Hwy 101 Burger (, exactly where I want to be.  I order my burger, no fries, and when I ask if there is outdoor seating they promptly move a table outside for me, which is now the only one out there.

While I am waiting for my burger I am thinking maybe I should have ordered some fries as well, even though I have been eating too much fried seafood lately.  And wouldn't you know it, when my burger arrives they have thrown in some free fries because they think I should really taste how good they are.

The fries were as good as advertised, as was the burger.  But the best part of the day was the beauty of events that made it such a magical day.


  1. Serendipity!

    That burger looks so good, I had to enlarge it to enjoy it even more. Wish I could have taken it off the screen and put it on a plate. :)

    1. I just had their regular cheeseburger but is was still mighty good:).

      Are you the one that posted about the free kindle book on how not to RV? If so, thank you, it is a great read :).

  2. My blood sugar jumped 100 points looking at that awesome burger! :)~


  3. And the spontaneity of it all. Don't eat too many of those, your heart will STOP!!!

    1. It is even stranger when you consider the odds of a 19-20 year old on a skate board inviting me in. They usually just zoom by. And I swear, I ate a smaller version of the burger pictured:).

  4. That looks like a dream. That was so cool of the skater to invite you in. You must have had a look of pure hunger on your face. He read you good. :)