The Aspect Of My Life

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Water World

Today I watched the waves crash upon the sandy shore.

I was once again surprised by the many delights my beach walk had to offer.

I watched the sand imprints of a runner be reclaimed by the ocean's waters.

I watched birds ride waves and dive deep beneath the surface for their meal.

I felt the warm sand on my bare feet and the grit between my toes.

I smelled the saltiness of the water and felt the salt spray upon my face.

I came home and deposited yet more shells and agates upon my outdoor altar.

I ate fresh crab meat and enjoyed the coolness of the day.

After so much time with the Mountains, Woods and Desert, I feel so blessed to be surrounded in this Water energy.


  1. I lived near Lincoln City for 5 years, left in 1995 and haven't been back. I'm sure it has changed a lot! Your posts are making me nostalgic. When I get my RV I will revisit Oregon. My favorite state!


    1. It is also one of my favorite states. Another one would be New Mexico.