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Friday, March 9, 2012

Virgo Full Moon Talking To My Virgo Moon

I drove into Niland the other day to dump my tanks, get water, some groceries and gas. The grocery store is basically a convenience store and gas is at an outrageous price. I half closed my eyes while paying for it hoping that would soften the blow but the price for unleaded gas was around $4.39. It is shocking how fast the price has gone up. Definitely keeps me more stationary than I would prefer. I couldn't find anyone to pay at the dump station so that saved me $10.

Coming back into the Slabs felt different than my original entry. It feels like a huge happenin' event has just ended and all that is left are the crashers and the trash. I have heard the months of November, December and January are the best months to be here. I came a little late to the party.

And I am getting a little dirty. I try to keep my face, hands and feet clean but it has been over a week since my last shower. I did wash my hair once using bowls of water but the dust storm blew in and left my hair with more tangles than usual. It is just part of life on the desert.

But my real comfort comes from living within a clean and tidy environment. I can go awhile between showers, but when my home becomes too dusty and dirty I become a bit anxious. I blame this "clean gene" on my Virgo moon. Virgos appreciate order in its many different forms. I love organization bins, cans all in a line and a well swept floor. I find it very peaceful.

So I may be leaving in a few days, traveling onward to a shower and concrete. But I would love to come back.

(I am afraid that I will loose this post if I preview, so excuse any typos)


  1. Your last 2 posts came through! Good to hear how it's going. And I am eager to see you when you get back to Eugene. What a wild ride it's been so far this year already! And this is mild compared to what is coming! See you soon...

  2. By know I would be having some serious issures with not being able to bath and not clean the home. But the wind has been a real problem everywhere. Hope you find somewhere nice and clean soon.
    Gas is really high there. Around here it is about 3.59 still to high.

  3. Not so far from you is Salton Sea SRA. There are showers and hookups and wi-fi at Headquarters campground. Phone (760) 393-3052.

    1. Thanks so much for the information. I passed some beautiful camp sites on the Salton Sea and would love to spend time there next time around.

  4. Well, I suppose the wind-blown sand could be seen as a kind of free dermabrasion, taking off old skin...cheaper than a beauty salon visit, for sure!

    My virgo has never gotten the "neat and tidy" stuff; my mind has piles of paper scattered all about. I need a mini-me to follow me around, cleaning up my chaos. Okay, today, something is going to organize itself, a few other things will be boxed/bagged to give away; that is real fun, for me.

    Good to hang out, here, for a moment! vic