The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dust Storm

I have sand in my freshly washed hair. I have sand in my eyes. I have sand in my ears. I even have sand in my teeth.

Minnie has sand on the countertops. Minnie has sand on all the windowsills. Minnie has a veritable sand dune forming in the doorway.

The wind blew away one of my shoes. The wind blew one of my chairs underneath Minnie. The wind has rocked and rolled me all day long.

I shut all the windows to keep the dust out and shut myself into an inner inferno. The temperature in Minnie was well into the 90s. I finally covered my hair and body and went into the dust storm for some cooling air. The wind and dust quickly sent me back inside.

This storm has been raging for hours and it will likely take me days to clean out all the dust.

I have promised myself I will never go through this again.


  1. It is ugly today. And I'm sure my house will be full of sand and dust that will need a vacuum to clean it up never mind a dust clothe. It had slowed down earlier but is blowing like made again.

  2. The good thing about unpleasant experiences is it makes us appreciate the nice ones all the more. Hang in there!


  3. we've had some serious wind here at Lake Havasu also. Not fun!

  4. The Slabs is a harsh place to live. It's a life-saver for some. It's a learning experience for others. For them, I'm glad it exists. I imagine living there, but I expect I'd last maximum a day or two ...