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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slab Experiences

My Carriage Awaits
While at the Slabs I was treated to my first ATV experience.  An invitation from Bruce was gladly accepted and we went off into the desert and up into the Chocolate Mountains.  Unfortunately after I took this picture I went back into Minnie to get my water and forgot my camera on the counter.  Otherwise I would have pictures of the Slab's 18 hole golf course, a flowering cactus and the naval aerial gunnery range.  Good thing is I didn't lose my camera somewhere out on the desert, bad news is there are no pictures from this wonderful excursion.

Fox Chumming
I also didn't get a picture of the Fox that Bruce lures in on a nightly basis.  It came in too quickly to snap a picture.  I also thought twice about startling such a beautiful animal when coming in for its nightly meal.  I have never been fox chumming before so that was a totally new experience.

What I did get was this amazing pictures of ORBS!!  The top picture was taken right before the bottom picture so no, folks, it was not my camera.  I was taking pictures of the full moon and just happened to get a blast of orbs passing through.  So amazing.

Another picture I didn't get was a shooting star that passed over me as I was walking back to Minnie on my last night in Slab City.  That was for my eyes only.

Sunset Out My Front Door
Full Moon On The Desert
Bruce was one of the kindest men I have met in a long time.  Not only did he take me ATVing but he also invited me for dinner several times.  As I was pulling out of the Slabs he ran out his door to wish me a safe journey and ask if I wanted some food for the road.  Thank you Bruce for all the new experiences and the food:).

I had my best conversations with this gentleman.  He told me he was legally insane which makes me wonder about myself, and society.  I would have gladly spent many more hours talking to him and hope our paths meet again.

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