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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Slabs In Review

For my first boon docking experience I think I did really well.   I learned to monitor my water usage like a miser, ran my generator sparingly and now know more about how much propane it takes to run my refrigerator....not much.  I discovered the benefits of solar panels, how to recycle water over and over again and how often to flush the toilet.  I used an RV dump for the first time, used my fresh water tank for the first time and lived off my generator for the first time.  I think the biggest issue I had were the new noises the generator made and my concerns about those new sounds.  I intimately know all of Minnie's many voices and when a new one shows up I always pay attention.  The new sound of a generator working alerted my hearing antennae but I think after 9 days I felt more comfortable with the sounds and this new way of living. 

I became very conscious of my internet usage, how long to run the generator to recharge my phone and ipad and now feel like an absolute pig with how much electricity I am using.  Even though there are water faucets at this park and I certainly have enough water hoses, I still feel the need to conserve water and am living from my fresh water tank.  I thought I was living lightly upon the Earth, but seems I can live even lighter.

Robi Was My Nearest Neighbor
Minnie On The Slabs
Thanks To Robi's Handmade Sign I Could Find My Way Home
Just Down The Road
Friday Night Jam Sessions Venue
Also Known As The Head Hunter's Lounge, Tiki Mike's or Radio Mike's
Trash is a real problem on the Slabs.  There is no garbage collection and unless you have a Niland address you are not allowed to use the local landfill.  It is another thing you think about while living on the Slabs,  how much garbage do I senselessly throw away each day without a moment's thought?  "Garbage" becomes art and you see it through a different perspective.  How far will your creativity take you?
Bottle Tree
That ends today's presentation.


  1. I love what a unique place the slab city is. Glad to see you had a fun time there despite the sand storm.

    1. Hope we can all be there this winter.

  2. Great post. I can so relate to your first boondocking experience.

  3. Being new at this RV thing when you said "recycle water over and over again" I wonder if you learned anything about conservation you'd like to share. We've seen a few tricks but are always looking for ways to extend our disconnected time.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Peter,
      Nothing out of the ordinary, just using a big bowl to keep water in while doing dishes then using that water for toilet flushing or watering plants. I used the same big bowl for washing my hair and then used the water to wash my feet and then water plants. I just tried to send as little water as possible down the pipes.