The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Days Off, Three Days On

I so enjoyed my last three days off it has been a challenge to work my current three days on.  But then I realize if I had not worked three days on, I would not have met the people I so enjoyed during those last three days off.

Theresa stayed another night in T or C and almost ended up staying even longer.  She was offered a job as a yoga instructor and if the house sitting job had become available she would have permanently parked here for awhile.  I would have loved that.

I had been gifted with a free night's stay at Pelican Spa ( which I in turn gifted to her.  She ended up with a fabulous, funky retro room so we started the evening at her new abode drinking wine "big enough to chew" (one of her many expressions, wish I could remember more) and then went to dinner at Bella Luca. (  We talked and laughed, shared our numerous similarities and our hopes of one day owning a motorcycle.  Oh yea, it could happen:).  She headed out to Taos the next day with an invitation to visit Crested Butte, CO in the summer.  Hmmmm...sounds like a plan.
Living room

Bedroom   All this for $55! 
Earlier in the day I had been invited for lunch at  the Birch Street Retreat.
Roger is the local masseuse we recommend and his home also has two rooms which they rent out to various visitors in town.  I have had previous conversations with Roger and happily accepted the invitation to visit his home and have lunch.

It was wonderful getting to know Roger and his wife Anne and interesting to note that they went to the University of Colorado the same time I was there.  Lots of Colorado energy around me these days.  Towards the end of the lunch Roger and I further explored our cranial sacral training and I agreed to come to his home the next day and gift him a session.  So that's where I was the next day, and it was a wonderful session.

Friday night I went to a women's shamanic drumming circle.  I enjoyed it, but also realized "been there, done that" so doubt I will make a return visit.  The best thing about the journey was that I came back long before the drum's "call back", eager to return to Earth.  Now, that, was a first!

I am thankful for this world where the magic is now so touchable I want to stay here and play, no longer needing to travel so far off planet for relief.  I am thankful for this beautiful web that is weaving so many different, yet similar, people into my life.  I am thankful that I am alive in these times so that I can experience this shift in energy that puts such a smile on my face

I am thankful for the three days on which connected me with the people I would so enjoy on my three days off.


  1. I attended my first drumming in Tucson and found it to be the most uplifting experience I'd ever had. I'd never heard of drumming prior to that and, unfortunately, never went to another one. Within the last year or so, I attended another one up here in Washington at a local shop and couldn't wait for it to be over with. I was looking for a repeat of the Tucson experience and didn't get it.


  2. I have been to some amazing drum circles so know and appreciate a good one when found. I have also owned a few drums in my day which I still miss. I hope someday you will get a repeat of your Tucson experience, or something even better:).