The Aspect Of My Life

Monday, November 1, 2010


I have come to realize I am not set up for boondocking.  I am envious of all the equipment Jennifer has that allows her to be fully self contained.  She has electricity, leveling blocks, a cell phone booster, wifi and coffee brewing in the morning.  I have lights and propane. 

My electrical outlets do not work even with the generator running.  I have no wifi and I am tilting rather than level. And because I left my cell phone on all night and have no way of recharging it, I also have no phone.  I am low on water in my holding tank because I have never filled that particular tank and somehow when I tried to fill it, only a small amount of water went in before it started to gush back out.

I feel inept and long for the security of a full hook-up RV park, preferably one with a really good shower.  But I also realize what you get when you can go anywhere.  You get to drive the Dempster, to drive all the way to the freaking Arctic Circle!  You can park as far away from civilization as you want, see stars that city lights muffle, hear coyotes and a quiet that is rarely heard.  You can lay on top of your roof and get lost in the Milky Way.

Thank you Jennifer, for sharing the way you travel the world.


  1. It was a joy! You've captured these days so beautifully.

    Thank you for all of the magical things you are teaching me.


  2. When I have doubts about hitting the road, all I need to do is read your blog and others and the doubts lessen or disappear. I live on a busy, noisy street and will be glad to be away from it.


  3. You may cross paths with this gent. He's brilliant when it comes to boondocking and an all around interesting guy.

    This is the least I can do to repay living vicariously through your adventures.