The Aspect Of My Life

Friday, November 12, 2010

Am I Coming.....or Going?

I did not plan this shot, it was an "accident", but I love this picture.  It represents so much about my life, on so many levels, and the last few days in particular.

I am assuming most people have patterns to their daily lives, a specific routine that gets them through the week days and weekends.  I know I do.  On work days I do as little as possible before the actual time I need to walk across the street and into the office.  I need my personal batteries fully charged to enable me to be totally available to the needs and wants of the various people passing through on my shift.  I sleep late, have coffee while relaxing into the flow of the Rio Grande, read, nap and basically stay as peaceful as possible. That is my pattern and it works for me.

I worked Monday and Tuesday and traded my Wednesday for my co-worker's Friday because she needed that day off.   This allowed for only two days off instead of the three, but also meant I only worked two days in a row.  Fine, no problem.  Because I had two days off, I scheduled an appointment on Thursday to have Minnie's brakes checked.  They have been squealing and I am trying to take care of as much maintenance and grooming as possible while living in such an accessible town.

I had scheduled the appointment for 8:00 AM so was up at 6:30 AM to allow me time for coffee and the pack-up necessary when I take Minnie on the road.  Drove Minnie to the tire store, dealt with the good ole' boys who almost made me want to take my business elsewhere, and then walked the 1.4 miles back home.  Had coffee on the Rio, went for breakfast and a few hours later walked back up the hill to retrieve Minnie.  Very happy new brakes are not needed and I now have valve extenders on all the tube stems which have continued to plague me and make it a challenge to check the tire pressure.  Whew!  Just glad that is all taken care of.

Since I was already mobile, I went to Walmart to stock up on supplies, went to the Dollar General for more reading glasses and checked out the electronics store to see if they had a battery for my particular cell phone.  Just lots of busy work that I would typically do before stationing back into my spot.  I eased back into my spot at around noon and then proceeded with the usual set up - reconnecting sewage and water hoses and putting back out anything I had stashed away for the trip.  No big deal, doesn't take much energy or time, but I have been up since very early in the morning and I am ready to just chill out and read or maybe take a nap.

It was while I was in this chill-out phase, reading but on the verge of a nap, that I received a call from my same co-worker as she is driving back from the doctor's office.  She is ill and wondering if I can work her shift for her.  It is 2:45 PM and the shift begins at 3:00 PM.  As much as I want to work for her, I am tired.  I have spent the day as if I would not be working; walking, shopping and expending rather conserving energy.  I tell her I will meet her at the office and I am sure something can be worked out.  The manager is already in the office and it is agreed that he will work the next two hours while I go home, take a nap and get geared up for another work night.  I take my power nap and work until 10:30 PM but am glad when the night is done and I can return to the womb that is known as Minnie Minerva.

Tonight I work the Friday night I exchanged for my Wednesday and I am resting as much as possible.  The days are a blur right it Wednesday, Friday, Thursday?????  What day is tomorrow????

I don't know if I am coming.....or going.


  1. When you have to pack up to go somewhere, do you wish that you had a toad? I understand that you needed to get your brakes checked, but do you ever regret not having a toad? I'm wondering which is the way to go, to tow or not to tow?


  2. I know what you mean about planning your day. I hate it when I'm asked to work a co-worker's schedule. My whole day (and Katie's) is disrupted. Do you think that means I'm not as flexible as I used to be, and I'm ready to retire?

  3. Hi Jeana,
    I have not missed having a car in the year I have been full timing. My 25' motorhome is a perfect size for going places and I like walking. I also don't want the added expense of insurance when I feel I already have a vehicle. And, I am not afraid to bum a ride from neighbors:).