The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gypsy Soul Sister

 I made a rookie error and did not drink enough water last night.  The price I paid for that oversight is now everything aches.  The reason I forgot to hydrate myself was because a new gypsy soul sister pulled into town.

A few nights ago I took a phone reservation from a woman named Theresa.  Her mailing address is Philadelphia and she currently lives in Colorado.  Since I have lived in both places I chatted a bit further with her and there seemed to have been an immediate bond that was forming.  I told her I would not be working the night she checked in but she assured me she would find me anyway.  Maybe we would meet, maybe we wouldn't.

Because of a flood and a roof collapsing in the room she was to check into, Theresa was bumped to another, much larger room.  And because the manager was busy trying to install a new water heater in that same room, I volunteered to work an extra hour on my day off to help train the new night person.  Coincidentally, Theresa checked in during that one extra hour.

We hugged as if we were my long lost sisters, which in some sense we were.  This is the second time this has happened since I began working in T or C, the other time being Jennifer, and I wonder how many more beautiful young women the Universe will be sending through the office doors.  I hope there will be many.

Theresa and I met up later in the hot springs and thankfully had them all to ourselves as we talked non stop for well over an hour.  We laughed, told stories and shared magic.  After a particularly potent Owl story, we paused just long enough in our conversation to hear a nearby owl hooting in the trees, acknowledging the telling of the tale.  We talked about the stars and when I asked Theresa where she had camped the night before, she replied Benson, Arizona, my Benson, Arizona!   There was a weaving of the web that had brought the two of us together.

Magic was afoot last night in those swirling waters and that is why I forgot to drink more fluids.  I hope it happens again.


  1. It sounds like that's a really good place for you to be. Connections like that don't happen often.

  2. I met another gypsy soul sister, too! She lives in her van. We spent two days together. I told her she needed to met you.