The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sacred Land

I love this Land called New Mexico.  I want to immerse myself in her rivers, soar in her skies and burrow myself deep within her body.  She and I have a mutual attraction that grows stronger every day.

And it is more than just this town of Truth or Consequences, although this vortex has a firm grip on me.  I want to explore all of New Mexico, to know all the secrets that she holds, her mysteries and her beauty.  I have not felt such a Land connection since Glastonbury and wonder how deep these ley lines will take me.  Serpent is strong within me and I have a new understanding of this particular medicine.

I have never felt more aligned with Nature as I watch the sunset and star alignments.  Turtle Mountain is my constant companion and hot springs flow just beneath my feet.  This Land is sacred and my time here is also sacred.

I love this Land called New Mexico.


  1. Whenever I return to the Southwest/Tucson I feel a peacefulness come over me that I don't experience anywhere else. I think I understand what you're saying.


  2. When I start traveling, New Mexico is definitely one state I'll explore.