The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have been traveling with my garmin GPS since first purchasing Minnie.  The Lady Garmin has been my constant companion and she has gotten me to places far and wide.  Sometimes when traveling in the middle of nowhere with no radio stations I have used her to count down the miles as my sole source of amusement.

She started behaving strangely and eventually could no longer keep a charge.  I had to find my way back to Mesa twice without the benefit of my beloved GPS.  Thankfully I now know the Phoenix route fairly well so with only a minor detour when I found myself on the way to Tucson, I have been able to navigate my way back home.  But I knew it was time to purchase a new garmin and I now have a new one.

Will this new garmin be as good as my old one?  Will the voice be the same?  Will we be able to bond the same as the last one?  Can I trust this new garmin? 

Only time and a road trip will have the answer.  I am thinking about a trip next month to Tombstone to check out a park and see how this new garmin performs. 

Things may never be the same without my lovely Lady.


  1. I purchased a new one last month and the voice is not the same, I prefer the old voice. The new one is easier to see the screen and has more features.

  2. Goodie on the new Garmin. Looking forward to your review about how it works and meets your needs. Be safe!

  3. What park are you heading to in Tombstone?
    I'm sure your new Garmin will work well for you. I use the guy voice this way I can yell at him. :)

  4. Hi JOJO,
    I am planning to visit Tombstone Territories and then head down to Bisbee.

  5. I have driven through Tombstone Territories and I really liked the place. I plan on going there to. Not sure if I will go before or after the holiday's. And then head to Bisbee also. I love Bisbee. If we don't get to meet up there I hope you have a wonderful time.