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Monday, November 7, 2011

Boars Gone Wild

Another Day, Another Face, Same Clothes
The day started cold with a wintry mix.  We started the day with massages and eventually made our way to the Sedona Meditation Center (  We stayed to enjoy the public meditation room with a huge quartz crystal in the center of the room.  Absolute bliss.

When we could finally pull ourselves away from our meditations we drove to Jerome but because of the lateness of the day we didn't stay and explore as long as we would have liked.  It's that whole thing about not being able to drive at night and we made it back to the rv site just as it was turning very dark.

After dinner we heard a loud ruckus outside and when we turned on the light, there they were, a family of boars looting the cooler.  They made off with coffee, bread and an ice pack and nothing we did could scare them off.  Not shouting, not the outdoor light, not the light of the camera's flash.

Strangest experience I have ever had at an rv park.

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