The Aspect Of My Life

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I still don't have my laptop back so no pictures until I do. I plan to pick up the new and improved version next week on my way to Sedona.

The Mayan Elders are traveling the US with the sacred Crystal Skulls and one of the planned stops is Sedona. Two years ago I was in Sedona for the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, now I will be there for the Thirteen Crystal Skulls. It has been an interesting two years since I was last in the presence of the Skulls and I am pleased and surprised that this is my next "mission". I am meeting up with the gypsy soul sister I met while in Truth or Consequences and looking forward to the magic the two of us create.

The new iPad was on my birthday wish list so I gave myself an early present and that is what I have been using until the return of my laptop. I love it, but it does not replace my laptop. The main problem is I can't get Espn3 so I missed all football games today (go Big Red!), I can't get Adobe Flash, copy and paste functions seem to be a real hassle and I can't download pictures from my camera. What I love is that I can read a book, watch a movie, browse the Internet and listen to Pandora with such a small, portable devise and when there is no wi-fi available I can connect through Verizon on a month to month basis.

Happy early birthday to me:).


  1. Hope you get your laptop back soon. The ipads sound cool, but I doubt I'd ever have one.

  2. Omg Sara, thank you so much! Looks to be a winner. Love those apps:).

  3. There'a camera connection kit from Apple that my daughter uses to upload pix from her camera. Here it is on Apple's website:

  4. Thanks Lady. My problem should soon be solved with the return of my laptop.