The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, October 13, 2011

99 Degrees

I know it is not in the triple digits, but 99 can still feel a lot like 100.  After the cooler climates of the higher elevations I am not prepared for these hot days.

I get to the pool everyday, but an hour is about all I can stand before I retreat back into my air conditioned motor home.  Thankfully the sun sets around 6:00 PM and around 9 or 10 PM I can turn off the air and open the windows.  I don't do the heat very well and this morning I turned the air on before 10:00 AM.  That is how hot it is.

It is no wonder I have no concept of the seasons.   The calendar says mid-October, my inner sense believes it is August.  July in Oregon felt like October.

By November it should feel like June.  If this all makes you dizzy, imagine how I feel!


  1. When does it cool down there for the winter? That's too hot for me too. In my book, 99 to 100 degrees is no difference!

  2. Hopefully by November the temperatures should be just about right for me, no hotter than low 80s.

  3. Chillin' my assets in the cold Indiana rain, today...sending a warm hug your way. Kiss a tree for me, now and again, wouldja?? love, vic

  4. Just checking in! Hope everything is Ok with you! I miss your posts!!