The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, October 27, 2011


For 10 years I was a childbirth educator and for a few years I was a labor and delivery doula. During that time I was present for many women during their labors and the birth of their babies. It was during those years that I became intimate with the phase in childbirth known as transition.

It is during this phase that labor becomes the most challenging, women ask for drugs and feel they can no longer endure. Contractions become very intense, very close together. This is usually what is shown on tv when women become she-devils, lashing out at anyone in their path. Sometimes it is the only way they know to get them through their pain.

That has been my experience lately as we humans are transiting to the next level. From earthquakes, floods, droughts and Occupy Wall Street, we are all undergoing a birthing process and are in the transition phase and it can feel daunting.

I have been in the birthing phase for 10 years, the same amount of time I taught Lamaze, and I will be glad when I can finally push this baby into a new world.

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  1. Transitions sure make one reflect a lot. I've been in one for about 2 years now & can't wait to move on!