The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back in Arizona

I am back in Mesa, Arizona at Val Vista Village.  They had a special offer of 3+ months for a total of $695 which was too good to pass up since I need to be in the area.  Next week I am catching a flight to North Carolina for my sister's wedding and I can also be here for the family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Nothing compares to City of Rocks, but it meets my needs at the moment.

Last year I was here during the peak season and it feels quite empty in comparison.  Yesterday I was the only one in the swimming pool.  The only other people were a man and a woman sitting at a shaded table.  Soon after I entered the pool the woman joined me and started up some conversation.  Very quickly she asked me if I wanted to go to Rocky Point, Mexico the next day with her and her male friend.  They would only be spending the one night.  I thought this invitation a bit odd and it got even stranger when she continued to tell me stories of women sharing men.  Ok, enough of that, thanks but no thanks. 

I do believe I was propositioned in the swimming pool.


  1. Boy, the life of a full-time RVer is never a dull moment! That's too funny! Sounds like you got quite a deal at Val Vista. I got in on a good deal in Florida last November-- seems like the popular snowbird parks are eager for "shoulder season" guests.

  2. Oh that's too freaky! I hope they won't be where you are for long. eeeks!

  3. I believe you were propositioned in a swimming pool... kinda creepy and also flattering ... well, it would be for me... I haven't been propositioned in a looooooooong time. ;)

  4. Yuck! Sounds like a very suspicious conversation. I'm wondering if she (and he) were more interested in sharing your income once they got you into Mexico.

  5. Hi Susan....
    I really enjoyed our conversations at City of Rocks. Thanks for that. I may see you at the RTR but dunno for sure...until then, stay well, and be careful of the pool offers. lol


  6. Hi Lady Vagabond - I hadn't even thought about the money aspect, but good point. I just thought it was my body:).

    Hi Bri - Hope to see you at RTR, still undecided myself. Safe travels.