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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Steve's Dog Bridget
It was my first rally.  There were four humans and four dogs.  Minnie managed to accommodate four humans and two dogs for our first evening meal together and I loved every moment I spent with this wonderful group of kindred souls.


Dina, Brian's Traveling Companion
Brian ( traveled in from Truth or Consequences and reaffirmed why I love that town so much.  We had some wonderful conversations while surrounded by the towering Standing Stones at City of Rocks.  He only stayed two nights but I hope to meet him again somewhere in our travels.
My Favorite Camp Site
Another Camp Site
 It was a challenge to choose a favorite site since they were all spectacular and had names such as Perseus, Andromeda, Cetus, Cepheus and Cassiopeia.  In the end the clear winner was Cassiopeia which had a massive oracle stone within the circle and I spent some time just sitting within this group of rocks.

On Saturday Steve drove Robi ( and I to Pinos Altos which is a funky Old West town.  I liked it much more than Tombstone, AZ which had too many tourists, too many stores and basically, just too much.  What Pinos Altos also had was a saloon with some of the best food your money can buy.  We were all surprised by the quality chef that works here and Robi thought he should go up against Bobby Flay while I thought he should go on Chopped.  What we were most impressed with was what he managed to do with the green chilis from Hatch, NM but I am sure all of his food is exceptional.  If ever in the area, check out Buckhorn Saloon (,re5gy)
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Steve or Robi, too busy enjoying their company to make it a kodak moment.  But I am sure we will gather again and I will try to get photos next time around.
Sunset at City of Rocks
I was in City of Rocks for four days.  It was too short but long enough to let me know I will be back.


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  1. Hi Sue...nice pics...I missed getting one of Brian and his best buddy. I think Steve has our "Soiled Doves" pics from Pinos Altos.

    City of Rocks trip will stand out as one of my favorites, not only due to the beauty, but also the new friendships we formed. Yeah for us! I finally got internet connection so I got pics up you might like.