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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

T or C Revisited

After a week of swimming in the perfect outdoor pool in Albuquerque I am now back in Truth or Consequences.  Specifically, I am parked in an RV site across from Riverbend Hot Springs ( and somehow I am shocked at the heat of these hot springs.  After the cool waters of Albuquerque my body was quite confused when I stepped into these outdoor waters and found them too hot to handle.  I don't remember them being so hot, or maybe it's because the last time I sat in these springs it was January and barely 20 degrees outside and today it is close to 90.   What a difference. 

It feels good to be back and see the latest changes that have been made and reconnect with friends.  Another big bonus is that there is an outdoor concert on the deck this evening so while I soak and gaze into the stars I can also listen to live music.  Bo-Nus!   The RV sites have been de-weeded and new gravel have made them more level so I am even more pleased to be back for a short visit.

It is also new moon time so the skies should be glorious for night viewing.  Wishing and hoping to catch a falling star.


  1. Gorgeous... I have got to go there. Another blog I follow - Sue - The eBay/RV Life is there and have really enjoyed reading about this place.

    You will catch a falling star... I decree it! ;)

    I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Just keep hearing funky good things about T or C.