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Monday, September 12, 2011

Evanston, Wyoming

I drove over 400 miles today and am now in Evanston, WY.   It was one of those days that just feels really good to be out on the open road and the scenery was spectacular.  I had forgotten how beautiful Utah is and am looking forward to driving across Wyoming.  Not sure if I will stay at this park one or two nights.  It has yet to be decided.

My tanks were getting a bit full so yesterday I wanted to dump the grey and the black.  I had put it off when I first arrived figuring I could do it later in the day when the temperature cooled down.  While I was waiting a neighbor pulled up in the site next to me which meant my dumping valve was now in his front yard and the sites were relatively close.  I sat in Minnie and listened to him on his cell phone, hoping he would soon go into his RV and I could come out and dump.  No such luck.  He drank a beer, smoked his cigar and chatted with the man with the monkey who was parked across the street.

I noticed this man with the monkey when I pulled in as he was doing one of those "check you out" looks.  Subtle, but noticeable.  Ugh, for sure I am not going out to dump while this guy is still around.  Eventually man with the monkey left, it was getting late and it was now or never so out I went.

From my experience, there is always a bit of an odor when you attach your sewage hose and dump.  I try to keep my hose as clean as possible but when you open up the RV and ground pipes, there is just gonna be some odor.  I apologized to my neighbor if there was some odor but he has been RVing for 25 years and was very understanding.  We kept chatting as I was trying to get my gloves on, hook up the hose and open the valves.  With all this chatting it was taking some time and next thing I knew monkey man is back for more conversation.  Ugh again, but here he is, man with a monkey on his back.

Man With The Monkey
You never know what sights you will see from your RV site.


  1. I wonder how often that monkey has used him for a toilet. hehe Sounds like your drive has been great.

  2. Monkey man does look a little creepy. That's why I don't much like those sardine can RV parks. If he's smoking a cigar, how could he mind a little sewage smell? The cigar would bother me a lot more than the dump.

  3. Hi JOJO, the monkey was wearing a diaper, and Tesaje I was hoping the cigar would overwhelm any dumping smell:).