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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have now completed two of my work shifts and today will be the third and then I will have three days off.  After the first shift, I was ready to move on down the road.

I love Riverbend, its hot spring pools, the rooms, the manager....I love T or C and how funky it is, how I can walk main street and find my particular organic milk, psyllium husks and even Captain Morgan.  The town is extremely small, went to the Saturday market and already knew three people there, and I am having so much fun giving tours of the various pools and rooms.  The main issue which made me reconsider my stay was a fellow workamper who was to train me my first night.

This woman is meticulous, which can be a wonderful asset, unless she is filling your brain with minutea on your first day at a new job and you end up staying until 11:30 PM - over an hour past the end of your shift - and when you finally leave you feel overwhelmed by the job.  And, she says it is not unusual to stay that late or even possibly until midnight.  Not exactly what I signed on for and I ended up with some serious concerns.  Thankfully, the next night I worked with Jake, the owner/manager, voiced my concerns and saw how he wanted things done and it felt like a whole different world.  The job became so much easier, but still busy.  And he assured me I should never have to stay later than 10:30 PM. So, anyway, looks like I am staying.
Gotta get ready for work, which doesn't really feel like work:).  But I have LOTS to write about when I have more free time.

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  1. Go with the owner/manager's philosophy. Other people's obsessions are not a burden to assume.

    My wife is plagued with three obsessive co-workers this year. She is a lunch-lady at a school, and enjoys the work and the kids. However, the Three Obsessive Stooges are too much!

    Good luck on the adjustments. On the whole it sounds like a really good gig.