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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Soakers

Just finished working a very busy Saturday night, all by myself. 

I am one of those very fast learners so the manager has left me totally on my own for the past two nights.  Friday wasn't too busy, but tonight is designated as "Saturday soakers" and it lived up to its name.  I was very busy, but not as busy as I was during my Mt. Hood gig. I came home tired but not feeling overwhelmed.  But I have also started to question myself as to how much I really want to work.  Although I can't really classify my job here as work, it still puts me on a schedule with certain expectations and I am starting to rebel at the very thought of any type of constraint.  I am working three days on, three days off, and it amounts to approximately 30 hours per week.  I love living in T or C, want to stay awhile, but am still on the fence as to staying until mid-January or April 1st.  If I stay until January, I can go to Arizona and veg out until a summer workamping job starts.  If I stay until April, I will only have a month, month and a half, until the next job starts. I am just not sure how much I want to "work".

And, if I wasn't busy enough this evening, my newly adopted pet Minnow somehow dislodged her continuous water supply dish and I realized the glug glug glug noise I was hearing was water running all over the floor.   Just another thing to tend to!  She later spent time sitting on my lap as if to apologize for the inconvenience of it all.  I love having a cat in my life again.


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