The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Jennifer came to visit.  I have never seen someone back up quite the way she does, upper torso out the window, but she backed into my old spot and stayed for two nights.  It was a very surreal two days.
Unique way of backing up

Jennifer in my old spot
I started reading Jennifer's blog in January 2010 (, was pulled in by her writing style, graphics and videos, and then continued to follow her blog as her life and mine began interweaving and connecting in a beautiful, magical way.  I watched and read as she struggled with the parting of precious possessions, attended mechanics school and prepared a solo journey to the Arctic Ocean.  The Arctic Ocean on your own!!??  She inspired me, made me laugh, touched my heart and allowed me into her world and all its history.

We shared several personal emails and I was hoping some day our paths would cross and we would be able to travel together.  When she was wondering where in her travels to go next, I posted a comment on her blog that if she was in the area I would love to meet her and as if by magic, there she was, in the office bearing a box of pizza.

It was as if we had always known one another; no surprises, no uncomfortable silences, no tip-toeing around one another, we were just filling in the blanks so that we would be totally up to date with where we were now so we could proceed forward.  We talked for hours, toured other hot springs hotels, sat in each others' motor homes and discussed the pros and cons of each and discussed issues that only a fellow female nomad would understand.  It was a wonderful meeting of kindred souls.

And then she left, leaving me yearning to also go on the road.  She has only gone as far as Santa Fe and will be back the end of the month when we will travel together to the White Sands National Monument.

Now that she has gone, if almost feels as if she were never here, that is how strange this land can be.  But I am looking forward to the time when she will walk back into my world again.


  1. Susan:

    I love White Sands National Monument. My son and I visited there a few years ago and had a wonderful time. We were living in Tucson at the time. Now that I'm back in Washington I long to be back in the Southwest and anticipate leaving here in the spring after I find my RV and rid my house of its possessions. Happy traveling.


  2. Wow. Yours and Jennifers' are my favorite RV blogs. It's great that you guys hooked up in real life.

    I'll be visiting your hot springs in July but by then you will be far gone down the road.

    Love you blog!

  3. I'm glad you two met and enjoyed your visit so much. I enjoy reading your blogs, since you are solo female RVers, and I hope to be one some day, too. I'll be looking forward to reading about your future adventures together.

  4. I love and follow BOTH of your blogs!!