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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Purchases

Other than buying what feels like a whole new wardrobe, I like to think of it as "work attire", I have also made a few other purchases to make my life even more enjoyable.

I love the hot springs water, but the drinking water this side of the road smells and tastes so bad that I finally relented and bought an RV water filter.  At least now my coffee and ice cubes don't carry that nasty smell.
New water filter 
Another purchase was a rolling shopping cart.  Since I mostly walk everywhere this has allowed me to go to the grocery store and purchase everything I need without worrying about carrying it back.  It also makes it possible for me to take empty jugs and fill them with purified water at the local water dispensary.  I had thought I might leave the cart when moving on but I love the cart so much I just may take it with me.
Shopping cart a little lop-sided because it is full of groceries
And, as much as I hate to admit it, I also purchased a small - 10" - portable TV for watching football.  It is not connected to cable and only picks up your basic channels, but it works well enough to feed my football addiction.

I love living in a town versus an RV park and feel I am settling in quite nicely:).


  1. Those are some great purchases. Love the shopping cart. It would work great for laundry too.

    Travel Safe

  2. Glad to hear the water filter is working well.

    See you tomorrow? I'm headed your way!

  3. Those shopping carts are great. I have one that's just the "bones" - no fabric. I've used it for years to drag things like a heavy TV or any large box from my car into the house. Anything I can't carry. Not as good as having a man around, but less work in the long run! :)