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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I do not like to cook.  Never have, never will and I make no excuses.  It is just something I do not enjoy.  However, I do love good food, the fresher the better, and will sing the praises of anyone who cooks and shares food with me no matter what the skill level.

And so I find it amusing that one of my new followers is a chef (hello, Big Sky Chef:)). I have no idea how he found my blog, or how any of the others have found me that I do not have a personal relationship with, but I love the surprise when someone new shows up.  What interests do we share, will our paths ever cross, what will we learn from one another....  I do know that Big Sky Chef and I have similar taste in music and that some of the others are interested in becoming solo, or full timers.  So I welcome you all, whoever you may be:)!

Now, here is my homage to some of the good food I have been the beneficiary of in my travels.

And, for my final bit, I am now simmering a French Dip in the crock pot that will be served on fresh ciabatta bread.  Maybe someone will sing my praises.

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  1. Dang, woman!! I wanna come eat at your place!! Sounds as though the "get-away" was just what your body, spirit, and home needed. Hope it will energize your remaining weeks "in the Hood". Will write a bit more, soon...vic