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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back at Mt. Hood

And so I am back at Mt. Hood.  Can't say that I was happy to return, but at the same time I feel renewed, more like myself, and with only one more month of work I know the time will go quickly.

I spent two nights away at two different parks and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  Sunday night I settled back into Deerwood Park in Eugene ( and still love the energy of this park that I have made my RV home whenever possible.  Saw a few people I have met in previous stays and nice to see they now have new table and chairs at all the sites.  It is always a nice park, but it is particularly beautiful in the summer.

The next day I spent replenishing all the supplies I have longed for from the Market of Choice.  This grocery store is my all time favorite and I relished the smells and sights of being "home".  Stocked my cupboard and fridge as full as I could as I know it may be a long time coming before I am able to find fresh, organic food again.

I wasn't yet ready to head back to Mt. Hood so I decided to spend Monday night outside of Portland at Woodburn, home of the outlet mall, ( I actually did not think this park was too bad and it was within walking distance to the mall so it suited my needs.  I spent waaaaaay more money at the mall than I had intended, but once again, I do not know when I will have the opportunity again so took the time to stock up.  Because I was parked so close to the laundry, Tuesday morning I washed all my bedding and other laundry so that chore would be done when I arrived back at Mt. Hood.

Made a few other stops on the way back filling up water jugs, buying another folding chair, etc. just to stretch out the time before becoming stationary again.  I loved being back on the road again, music on the radio, wide open expanses, different scenery, rest stops:), meeting new people.  Replenishing my spirit as well as my food and wardrobe.

Late afternoon Tuesday pulled back into my spot.  Without any assistance, I managed to perfectly align Minnie with the outdoor mat I left on the ground before leaving and nestled right back in as if I had never left.
As soon as Everett came home from work he came trotting over with the gift of a sweet, juicy peach in hand, the kind he is so addicted to.  I felt like Jupiter himself, returned from the Orient, bearing gifts for Everett.  Organic coffee from Sumatra, tea from China, incense from India; a sweet taste of organic cherry tomatoes, dark cherries and blackberry honey.  Everett has been so kind and giving that it felt wonderful to finally be able to gift in return.
I walked over to the office only to find four people working in the office trying to learn a new point-of-sale system that has just been implemented on the computers.  As I walked up to the door, Gloria mouthed "don't come in!", but I just couldn't resist and laughed myself silly that we now have this new system to learn, in the busiest season, with so many people checking in on Thursday and Friday.  This should keep customers in a mile long line trying to buy ice cream that is now melting down their arms:).

Yep, good to know not much has changed at the Fun House:).

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