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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carolyn and Dale

I made it back to Eugene for the Leo birthday party and an added incentive was knowing that Dale was going to propose to Carolyn.  Seems like everyone knew except for Carolyn!  It was a wonderful gathering of harp playing, drum beating and the sweet song of Carolyn's flute.

Carolyn is my Star Sister and we sent a "sparkle message" to one another at our very first meeting.  When we later met for tea, her first words to me were "I am a Traveler" and I knew immediately and exactly to what she was referring.  She is my nearest neighbor in whatever galaxy we come from and a phone call from her has saved me many times when I have strayed too far out into the Cosmos.  In our get togethers we have visited many ancient realms together and know each beyond this space and time.  We speak a language that is vibrationally connected, where words are not necessary.  I love her dearly.

Dale is an alchemist and I know him to carry the energy of Merlin.  He is the caretaker of the Land that he lives on and it has become a place of magic and beauty.  He has worked for many years with crystals and has recently begun using his alchemical skills to turn water into the healing agent it has always meant to be.  His new water is infused with gold and one sip is sublime.  We all had a tasting of this water which made us giddy with love and life.  No need for drugs or alcohol at this party:).
Water Tasting

Drum Circle
Powerful women playing the Mother Drum  
Leo Jan opening her Bubble Wand present

Sleeping under a big Sky and Crystal Dome  

And so, on bended knee, Dale proposed to Carolyn, she accepted and the world will now benefit from the magic they will weave together.  May we all be so blessed.

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