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Sunday, April 29, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

I have wanted a pair of boots for some time.  I could never find a pair comfortable enough or within my price range and had given up the search for something that would also accommodate the plates and screws in my right ankle.

Awhile back Maria teased me with a picture of some amazing boots that she purchased with some credit card points she had on hand.  While at the Slabs I was also envious of the boots that Robi wore  even while riding her bicycle.  Wish I had me some of those boots.

So today Maria and I went for one of our last lunches before I head up the coast.  A beer and a half later we were in a shoe store that I had previously been in by myself and found nothing to my liking.  But Maria is a "shoe person" and after watching her try on numerous sale boots I decided I might as well try some on just to keep her company.

And whaddya know!  I found me some boots!  They have rubber soles which will work well in wet weather and beautiful leather uppers.  They are super comfortable, don't irritate my knobby ankle and were even on sale.

I always feel like I spend too much money when I am with Maria.  While we were getting our nails done she came across an article titled "Does Your Friend Make You Spend Too Much Money" and my answer was "YES!".

But I always love what I buy and can remember where and when I buy each item.  So every time I buy something while with Maria, a part of her travels along with me.

She is starting to become a full time traveler:).


  1. I love those boots. Wear them with a smile.

  2. Wonderful! Glad you found boots that you can wear.