The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Driving In My Car

Well actually it is my son's car, but it sure keeps me busy.

I haven't had a car in so long that it took me a few days to get used to driving a small car instead of a 25' motorhome.  For awhile I continued to drive the car as if it were Minnie.  I took the corners slow and wide, backed up very slowly and drove it as if it were a truck.  It also felt like I was sitting on the ground.  Once I got the feel for it I love the fast response time, the ease of backing up, the sharp cornering and fuel efficiency.  What I miss are big side mirrors, my cushy captain's chair, being elevated and my toilet.

I have now had the car for a week and I have been visiting friends, gone out to eat, been to the courthouse, been to the post office, been shopping (more than a few times), been to the bank, taken some clothes to Goodwill and been to four different RV dealers (I am looking to trade in Minnie).  I have a few more days with this car and I still need to get passport pictures taken, get a haircut, go to the Gem Faire, go to a drumming circle and attend the season opening Eugene Saturday Market.

This has felt like a very busy, hectic life style and I don't think I will miss it when the Prius goes home.


  1. HI Susan,

    Will you sure are busy. Pass port sound interesting, where are you off to. Will you not be doing the workamp thing?

    Hope you find a rig that makes you happy.
    Terry just bought a brand new truck and a 26ft trailer.

    I am pulling out on the 17th for Lakeside.

    It's nice of your son to loan you his car.

    1. Hi Jo,
      No plans to go abroad but my passport has expired so time to get a new one. Still plan to workamp.
      Safe travels:).

  2. Hi Susan,
    Are you shopping for a bigger rig? 25 feet seems sort of small for living in full time. Ours is 21 feet, a class B. When I bought it, I never expected I'd be getting married again. My husband can't fit in the rig's shower, and barely fits in the bed. We will be looking for a class A as soon as we can swing it, but would like something 30' or smaller. There are always compromises regarding rig size. Your pictures of Oregon are beautiful, as is that State in general.
    Mary Ann

    1. I love the small size of Minnie and would go even smaller if the perfect home showed up. I am trying to stay under 27'.

  3. Hi Susan. Been reading your blog for a while and enjoy it. I'm curious. What do you not like about the Minnie? What would make a new rig more perfect than the Minnie? I just like to know what works for people who actually live in RV's and what doesn't. GP

    1. I love my Minnie but it is a 1996 and I always knew at some point I would need to trade in. I want something newer, an entertainment center over the cab instead of the bed, which I took out, and more outside storage so I don't have to travel with my grill in the passenger seat:). I would also like a microwave/convection combination which would give me more inside storage. Basically I want something newer with more storage.