The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I spent some time with a fellow workamper last night.  He was already starting to plan his route after his stint here is over and wanted to show me the route.  My first instinct was "please, DON'T bring out the map!",  but his enthusiasm was catching and I relented.  I knew it was waaaay too soon for me to think about the next journey.

There is nothing like a road atlas.  The thrill of all the unexplored states, roads and scenery gets to me every time.  And it did this time as well.  I started to share his route with him, where will the road take him, what roads have I already traveled and what information can I share.  He and his wife are heading for Mississippi and Florida and I have sent him to Peg Leg Pete's in Pensacola, FL for oysters and Navarre Beach, FL for a great RV park, remembering the wonderful time I had my first winter on the road.

It was then that I started to look at the map for my own route come September.  It will be a route I have traveled before but not with Minnie.  The route takes me to Boise, ID, Cheyenne, WY and down through Colorado and into New Mexico.  My heart starts to beat a little faster with excitement.

It is too soon, too soon and I have to reel myself back in to stay in the present moment.  I knew I shouldn't have looked at that map!


  1. My Parents own a place at Portofino in Pensacola, I am heading there for 2 weeks in August. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peg Leg Petes. and I go there EVERYTIME I am in Pensacola!!

  2. Eat some oysters for me:). I have been to Peg Leg's more times than I can count.