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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fooled Again

I was fooled again.  I thought summer had arrived with the 1st of July, but once again the rain and cool weather has returned.  I am glad I am not suffering through the heat wave of the Plains or the humidity of the South, but I am rethinking my love of Oregon summers.

I try to keep myself busy with reading, sewing and mahjong but today was bad enough that I finally went to the fitness center to get some much needed physical exercise.  A couple of miles on the bike and a mile on the treadmill showed me just how out of shape I have become.  How did this happen!??  Not that long ago 25 miles on my bike was nothing more than a pleasant experience.  Is it age or this particular life style?

Tomorrow it is back to the fitness center.


  1. I don't think its the lifestyle. I walk/exercise more when I am traveling in my motorhome. Now that I am home, things get in the way, and I make excuses not to get outside. Can't wait to get back on the road.

  2. oh, m'dear.... rain and cool weather... ahhh

    It was 103 degrees today here in Little Rock with the heat index for humidity 113 degrees! Wears me out just going to get ice cream much less riding a bike ...

    I found you off Jennifer's blog (Living in My Car) months ago and enjoy your blog ... ;)

  3. How I'd love to be on the Oregon coast right now. Here in South Louisiana the heat and humidity keep me inside too much and gaining weight every day from inactivity. Maybe next summer I'll be in Oregon, hopefully.

  4. I know, I know, the weather could be much worse, but running my heater in July??????
    Last night the weatherman said as long as we remain in this cold front, the rest of the U.S. remains in a heat wave. I will take the cold front any day.