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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Miss My Son

I miss my son.  I miss him so much my heart hurts.

I wonder if it is different when the child leaves instead of the mother leaving.  I wonder if there are times when he needs me and I am not there. I wonder if this is a natural process that all mothers go through when their children become adults and lead independent lives.  I wonder if I would feel less guilt if he were the one that came back home to visit instead of me traveling the roads back to Oregon.  I wonder how a divorced mother and father will affect his life.  I wonder what the world will hold for him and what it will offer in the way of sadness and happiness.  I wonder if some day he will find a woman to share his life with and if someday he too will have a son that he will miss.

All I know is that today, I miss my son.


  1. I feel what you are saying even though I have four children. I miss them lots when I am away for these 6 months out of the year. And even though they have children of their own I still worry everyday.
    Your just a really good mom who cares

  2. This is hard to read... I truly feel your pain... My son is 26 and I feel I need to get away to let him grow up! It's a constant constant battle with me. He is my one and only ... I had him at 42...

    We're going through a custody situation and oh, me.... it never ends... ;)

    He is my heart ... it's so hard. I wish I could hug you... I'll send you one anyway...

  3. Thanks for the hug Carolyn and thank you as well JOJO. My son will soon be 24 and he is my one and only. Thankfully he has always been fiercely independent which allows me my independence as well but sometimes there is nothing to do but miss him.

  4. I understand except with me ... I miss my daughters !!! Hang in there... they need to mgrow up because someday we will be dust in the wind.
    Blessings2U !!

  5. Wow, Susan...this touched my heart, so much. I've been a bit absent from has gotten busy, here in the middle of the cornfields. Yes, missing the children. As I continue to tell mine, even though they're way past their mid-30's, "...but, three weeks ago, you couldn't even cross the street by yourself!". How can a mom not miss her child in a bone-aching kind of way? They forgot to mention this in the baby books; you know, the ones where losing a tooth was a big deal. Oh, I used to threaten to write a "realistic" baby book...and, it would have pages and pages to record how we miss them when they're "all growed up"...miss you, too! vic

  6. I know. It hurt a lot to leave my son. It seems more right for children to leave home; moms are supposed to stay in one place. He's 24 also, and my only.

  7. It's the worst feeling when your not able to be around when you want to be. Just have to find a way to stay strong.