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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Donna with her July 4th Hair

Summer finally arrived with the first of July.  It is warm with a cool breeze and the skies are a brilliant blue.  There is nothing like an Oregon summer and it feels wonderful to at long last sleep with the windows open and be able to sit outside to blog.

Along with the warm weather and holiday weekend came kids, kids and more kids to the park.  And there is nothing kids love more than candy!  Between selling ice, firewood and candy, I barely had a moments rest the three days I worked.  All the workers felt the strain of our busiest weekend this summer and we breathed a sigh of relief when the park thinned out and we could once again enjoy some peace.  But, I must say, it was one of my more enjoyable 4ths.  Because no fireworks are allowed in the park, I did not have to suffer the usual war noises that make me cringe when this particular holiday passes my way.  The worst of it was the smoke that permeated the air due to fires built with wet wood.

Neighbor Jeff always makes sure he has dry wood and because he does love his fires, another load was delivered.  The entertainment for the adults was watching the younger men split large rounds of wood until their young bodies had enough.  It didn't take too long:).
Lots Of Splitting Left To Do
Nothing Like A Bark Fire 
My other entertainment was live music on Saturday evening and karaoke on Sunday.  There is not enough alcohol in the world to make me take up the microphone but I finally understand its appeal.  It is the thrill of never knowing what voice will come out of the person taking the stand and the joy of listening to someone who can really sing after so many who can't.  And I caught a brief glimpse of why people do this.  After listening for awhile, even I thought I could sing better:).


  1. ... thanks for the Karaoke explanation! ;)

  2. I have heard you sing..........enough said :)