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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sai Baba

The exact picture I have
 A Hindu holy man passed today.  His name was Sathya Sai Baba.  I was never a devotee of Sai Baba, but I did meet a man who was.

Several years ago, maybe 2005-2006, a friend and I had set up a table on the Portland, OR streets to do akashic clearings.  We were both very new in this field, eager to clear past life energies, and took the opportunity to join the hundreds of people who swarmed the streets for Last Thursday on Alberta Street.  It was a beautiful summer evening, the party had begun and we had staked out a prime corner spot.

We smiled at everyone that passed by, swung our pendulums and chatted and cleared anyone who stopped and sat with us, taking only donations.  We probably talked to more people than we cleared but it was a profound experience for those that did stop long enough for a clearing.  It was good for us to clear for people we had never met and see their reactions as we honed in on their exact patterns.  I remember smiling a lot.

At one point my friend left the table to go and get something to eat.  It was during that brief time period that I met him, this devotee of Sai Baba.

I saw him as he was crossing the street, an odd looking man with a monk's haircut, the kind where the top of the head is shaved.  He smiled, said he was a monk and had no money and wondered what it was that I was doing.  I told him we were donation only, no money required, and asked if he would like me to do a clearing for him.  He sat down and told me his name was Hanuman, after the monkey god.  This got me grinning because when I was a child my father called me Zippy the Monkey and here was this strange monkey god man sitting at my table.  We chatted awhile and then he said Sai Baba was also with him.  At the time I had never heard of Sai Baba and laughingly told him I would clear Sai Baba as well.  There are many times I am naive, and this was a classic example.  Yep, I am happy to clear this Hindu holy man!

I don't remember anything about that clearing, I rarely do, but when it was time for him to leave he wanted to gift me a picture of Sai Baba in return for the clearing.  I took one look at that picture, this man with a halo of dark frizzy hair and dark piercing eyes, and said thanks, but no thanks.  Plus, I was already up to my ears working with different entities. It wasn't until his third attempt to get me to take this picture that I finally relented and accepted a business card size picture of Sai Baba.  It must have come from some type of calendar because on the back is the year 2001 and the months along with a listing of the holy days.  I found out who Sai Baba was by asking other people if they had heard of him and those that knew him were shocked that I did not.  Even after I became more familiar with who this man was, I never became a follower.

 I still have that picture.  This is odd because when I cleared the possessions of my previous life I discarded, gifted and sold countless items that meant more to me than this picture.  And yet, it has been a traveling companion.  I don't take very good track of it and will only stumble upon it when trying to find something else.  Today I found it tucked amongst some business cards.

I felt a sense of joy at his passing and wonder at the timing, a day when so many are celebrating a resurrection.  I felt the need to talk to him, to ask him how I might celebrate this day, his Passing Day.  I wanted to celebrate by lighting candles, the same way we do to celebrate Birth Days.

So today his picture is prominently displayed and there are candles burning.   It was he that came to me, for whatever reason, and I want to honor this strange union and the man who touched millions of lives.  Mine was just one of those.


  1. What an interesting post...I enjoyed reading it. I laughed when you got to the part about Zippy because I had a pink stuffed monkey named Zippy when I was a kid living in Saudi Arabia. That's the one stuffed animal out of many that I remember.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the story. I have a whole string of similar stories.

  3. havent seen any posts in awhile.
    Is everything ok?

  4. Hi Matt,
    Everything is fine, I have just been very busy. Things should slow down soon and I will have more alone time which makes it easier to blog.

  5. AWESOME!! Just wanted to check in with ya!