The Aspect Of My Life

Friday, April 1, 2011


The small figure on the right is me, the human.  The large, black anaconda on the left is the energy I am currently trying to process and integrate.

I know this anaconda.  During my first cranial touch session several years ago this energy came through and threatened to turn me inside out.  It was a sensation of such enormity and power, so alien, that I shut it down.   It was too much, too soon.  Later, when I tried to describe the experience, the only words that came close were that of an anaconda surging through the lower half of my body and if I allowed it full entry I would die.

I have thought about this anaconda many times over the years, wondering what would have happened if my fear had not shown up and halted the process.  I wanted to call it back and ingest it in bite size pieces,  I wanted to be the one in control.  But I also wanted to once again experience that power surge, this time relaxing instead of fighting.

And so it is back.  I am working with it this time, knowing that I can handle the integration process.  I can rest when needed, walk when needed and ride this anaconda wherever it takes me.

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  1. Catching up with you after an intense work missing the dance of spirit, in my world. Tehachapi, was it? No way I would remember that, though I do remember the little was that one, wasn't it? It is all a blur, now...forever grateful that you made the ride with glad we survived!! Do keep us posted! love, vic