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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaving Tombstone

I am leaving Tombstone tomorrow.  Finally leaving Arizona after almost five months.  Where am I going?
To The Slabs!

I have been reading about Slab City since before I became an RV owner and now the time has finally come.  Do any kind of search on The Slabs and you will find an abundance of pictures and videos.  I am so curious to explore this alternative community.  Robi ( has been there for awhile so with a guide to The Slabs, I am going in.

I am trying to prepare the best I know how for dry camping and plan to stay as long as my comfort level allows.  It is all a grand experiment and at some point along the journey I hope to blog about it.  Wish me luck!

In the meantime, if anyone can recommend an RV park in Yuma I would appreciate it.  So many parks to choose from.  I have grown accustomed to this beautiful big site in TTRV park which makes it even more of a challenge to pick a park for the night.  Maybe I will stop in Dateland and forgo Yuma......
Any suggestions??

Off again into the big UNKNOWN.
The Slabs


  1. Wish I could go with you, but I'll be there in spirit. A 6 foot Asian spirit that smells of soy sauce and shame.

  2. My imaginary travels have me wintering at Slab City. Commitments do not allow me to be there physically. Have a great journey, and I look forward to your blogs.

  3. We stayed in Winterhaven, just across the border from Yuma. Winterhaven has two RV parks. One's hoity-toity, and since our ride is an '87 Westy we try to avoid that ilk. So instead we stayed at the more modest Sans End RV Park.

    When you're at the slabs, be sure to see Salvation Mountain (just across the road) before it erodes back into the earth! Lenny Knight loved having visitors. Though he's now in a care home, I have to believe he'd be delighted to welcome you there, as he welcomed us.