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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy Trinity Monastery

The thrill of a bake sale finally got me out of the park for a few hours.  I had been to the monastery in St. David's before and knew that it was a place I wanted to visit again so with the added bonus of fresh baked goods, down the road I went.
You Can't Miss the Big Cross
I love the grounds that are home to this monastery.  It feels so peaceful and serene, a walking meditation.  There are places to stop and reflect and a beautiful church dedicated to the Lady of Guadalupe.  And what do my wandering eyes spy but peacocks!  I did not notice these birds the last time I was here so was quite surprised and enchanted.  I seem to have made a real impression with one of them which stood for quite some time while I told him how beautiful he was and took endless pictures.  If it is the male's job to capture the attention of the female, mission accomplished:).
Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
My New Boyfriend
He's a Looker:)
Sweet Spot to Meditate
After St. David's I drove into Benson to replenish supplies and get gas.  On the way back to the park I thought I would stop and check out Kartchner Caverns State Park but decided against going through the park when I saw an entrance fee of $6.00.  Seriously??  Maybe another time.

It was a perfect day with the sun shining, a full tank of gas and a wide open road.   I wanted to travel for days.  I stopped by Sue and Harold's to gift them cheddar cheese/dill bread from the bake sale and we started discussing our time frames and our next destinations.  I got so excited about my next route that I know I won't be able to stay in Tombstone past the month of February.

The pull of the road is just too strong.


  1. I know what you mean, I have been in the same place for 6 weeks. I keep searching out different routes on the internet, I leave here on Wednesday morning.

  2. Maybe she will meet up with us in TTRVP LOL
    Should be pulling in Wed.

  3. Susan,
    won't be pulling in tomorrow as planned. The weather is just to nasty and Terry has a tent trailer and it will be to cold for her. We rescheduled for 2/27 don't know if you will still be there or not. Hope so.

  4. It did get cold!! I should be here through the end of the month.