The Aspect Of My Life

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hollywood In The Desert

Harold and Sue invited me to go with them to Old Tucson Studios and all I can say is....I had a blast!  These studios have been the stage for over 300 western movies and we were just some of the actors to play a part on our particular day.
I Was Put In Jail Once Again
But Things Could Have Been Worse
Or Much Worse
The Woman Gunslinger Was A Pretty Good Shot
Harold Did Make It To An Early Grave
Must Have Been Too Much Liquor  
So Sue and I Took To The Streets
Long Dusty Road
 Needed A Bath After That
Time To Get Out Of Town So I Loaded Up My Medicine Wagon

Then Changed My Mind And Decided To Take The Stagecoach    
I walked and walked, ate barbeque and ice cream, panned for gold and shot some rounds from a rifle.  Thanks Harold and Sue for such a wonderful, wonderful day!


  1. Looks like you all had great fun.
    See you Monday

    1. Wind coming in tomorrow but hope you will make it.

  2. Oh, Susan, you look great!! So vibrant and free!! Such adventures you're collecting...and, that Ernie!! What a true "small town" story. Good to visit, this morning. Hug a tree for me, m'dear, please! vic

  3. Hey Vic, it is all about the hat:). No good hugging trees in the desert, but will hug one for you when back in Oregon.