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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice

The sun and warm weather came with the Solstice.  In celebration I drove to Sandy to replenish supplies and was treated to a glorious view of Mt. Hood.  I tend to forget that I reside just a few miles from this mountain where olympiads train because snow remains throughout the year.
Similar to my view while driving
Elsewhere, the weather ranges from fires to flooding to tornadoes.  Having lived in so many states, it hits home when I see pictures of flooded bridges in Nebraska and fires in Arizona and New Mexico.  I know those bridges, know the land that is ravaged by fires. .  I know the reactor in Fort Calhoun, NE that is now surrounded by water.  I know the infamous soda fountain in Iowa that may now be completely flooded.  I know the stadium in Omaha where a tornado forced the college world series spectators to flee as the sirens blared.  I have boated on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and have seen some of the dams which have now become overloaded.

I sit in awe at these extremes in weather, knowing there is more to come and wondering what shape the earth will take after this massive cleansing.

My daily concerns seem so small when viewed from such a large perspective.

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