The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It is Done

Finished my last day of work.  It was a Saturday so very busy and fast paced, but I tried to savor every moment of it.  As I closed each of the private pools I bid them good-bye and tomorrow I will sit with Mama Rio and say my farewells.

I have enjoyed this community and the 3 1/2 months went by very quickly.  Today there will be a pot luck (they love pot lucks here), I will soak in the pools tonight, gaze into the skies above and be thankful for the friends and people it has been my privilege to meet and greet.

I have reserved a site in Benson, AZ for tomorrow night and am excited to once again be out on the open road, heading into a new adventure. 

Round and round and round she goes........ where she stops, nobody knows.


  1. I look forward to the continuing adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another job done - I remember your excitement when you got this job. And so soon you're moving to the next adventure, whatever it may be. Safe travels.