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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Back from Human Nature Festival.  It was rainy, muddy, buggy and unbelievably HUMID, but I had a wonderful time and watching my son play on the main stage was the absolute highlight.  These young people are passionate about their music, their lives and raising their consciousness.  I love watching them, listening to them and had some amazing conversations.  I want to take them all home with me.
Main Stage During the Day
Main Stage at Night
Benny In the Booth
Ben Spinning at Quiet Camp
Marisa Spinning an LED Hula Hoop
Three Stages, Non-Stop Music
Three Tired Campers (Ben, Marisa and Ralph)
 I was parked very near the main stage and with non-stop music, I slept when I could.  I soon realized I had no ear plugs on board so when it got really bad I balled up some cotton balls and stuck them in my ears.  It helped, a little.  Ralph slept with me two of the nights and eventually we were both so exhausted we made good bed mates.

All I can say is.....I Wanna Go Again!

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