The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bye Bye July

Magical Thyme Garden
Where did July go??  It slipped by as quickly as May and June.

I went to Human Nature Festival, had one of my best July 4th, went to the Oregon Country Fair ( and last weekend went to the casino in Florence, OR and to the Thyme Garden in Alsea, OR (  That was all just in the month of July.  Wow, what a busy summer!

I still love being stationed in Lincoln City and having the ocean right across the street.  I love having a fairly constant stream of visitors and taking the occasional mini vacation.  I enjoy working in the office and the weather has been spectacular.

It has really been one of my best summers ever.


  1. That's great! Glad you like your job.

  2. Been offline for awhile. Moved, again; this makes 9 residences in as many years. I have lovely trees lining both sides of the downtown street where I'm living. It is good.

    This "human condition" seems so pervasive-the small "cliques", the pettishness, the fear of being supportive to staff...well, some folks learn more slowly than others. I'm glad to know you're there, Susan; they are so blessed to have you. Good to "visit" for a moment, while I re-learn how to use my computer! love, vic