The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The park started to change the day I came back from Human Nature.  My favorite workamping couple was pulling out the next day.

I have had my issues with management, which I have since resolved, but my favorite couple couldn't get past some of their discontent and had planned on leaving the end of July.  When they talked to the managers and voiced their concerns they were asked to leave, only given three days to do so.

I was so sad to see them leave as they were very social and I could always count on having a good time while they were around.  Next thing I knew another workamper had accepted a full time assistant manager job in California and will be leaving this week.  That makes a total of four workampers no longer working in the park.  What once felt like an over abundance of workampers now feels like an empty nest.  Management seems to think this is a normal process during the summer but this is my first experience of workampers leaving mid-season and I don't like how it feels.

They have asked if I want more hours, my answer being NO, as there are no plans to hire on more workampers this late in the season and few workampers to take up the slack.  I am usually a team player, but the problem has been there has never been a sense of team at play.  That has been the big problem and why my favorite couple wanted to leave.  They wanted to feel valued and that they were part of a family, if only for the summer.  The reality has been that we all keep to ourselves. 

It may be because it is a small park and there are two managers on site.  I feel they are watching my every move so I keep a low profile.  Another factor has been that the managers have a workamping couple they are very close to and the four of them have excluded everyone else in all their gatherings and outings.  When it is so obvious that can cause some hurt feelings.  Remember junior high and that feeling of exclusion?  Kinda like that.

Management is now trying to correct those earlier missteps and we are all being invited out to dinner and they have been particularly friendly.

 I'm just thinking it is a little late for this season but maybe next season things will be different.


  1. Yes, I DO know that feeling of exclusion...I felt it this winter at The Slabs on one or two occasions. It is not just a Junior High thing.

    Interesting how experiences circle around to teach lessons.

    I empathize with your pain and sorry you are having this experience. Take a deep breath, know you are valuable.

    I guess sometimes people get so wrapped up in "themselves" that they forget to think of others. I hope they learn before the same thing happens to them down the line.

  2. Yes I know it too. Just sold my beloved Tin Can Cabin. Things got very uncomfortable around here. People treat you like your invisable.

    Bought a 29' travel trailer. Moving to a new Park Saturday.

    I hope things even out for you for the rest of the summer.