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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quartzsite, AZ

The tramps are gathering.  Specifically, the Rubber Tramps.  They are gathering in Quartzsite and I am going to be one of them.

I am leaving on Saturday and will stay as long as my comfort level lasts, a few days or a week.  I am not set up for boon docking (dry camping) and am trying to figure out all the ways I will need to provide my own water, heat and electricity.  Yesterday I checked my generator and it is working which will supply my electrical needs.  I will fill up my propane tank before leaving which will be my cooking and heating supply and will keep my fridge cold.  I always travel with an ample supply of water bottles and will make sure they are all full and will fill my water tank for additional water.  What else, what else...?

 If a Verizon signal is weak or nonexistent, I may not have phone or internet access and I will just have to deal with that.  Even with a signal, I hope to spend more time in actual conversation than virtual.

A new adventure awaits!!!!!

(This is what I came across on an internet search)
Rubber Tramps is a unique documentary that explores the lives of people who savor the scenery of the open road, in search of an authentic life. These nomads and gypsies make their homes in converted buses, vans and cars. In his last major media appearance, counterculture icon Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) comments throughout the film, linking today's rubber tramps with the famous bus trips he and the Merry Pranksters made during the bygone hippie era.
Ken Kesey on his farm


  1. Have a blast for me Sue!!! I really wish I could be there having fun with you guys.

  2. Will miss you and try my best to have a blast in your honor:).

  3. :-) Thanks .... Please give a big warm hug to Cyndi and TwoknivesKatie for me when you meet them.